Gold Mines/ Brisbane North

I’m going to cover a couple of gold mines to the north of Brisbane, Dayboro to Kilcoy to be exact. These gold mines seem to have been worked in the early 1900’s, up to the start of World War 1. The government of the time came up with a novel way to get the miners out of the mines and into the army… drop the price of gold, and increase the costs of licences and fees untill you can’t make a wage. But the army was paying good money. So all the miners abandoned their claims and joined up. Hay presto, the government gains all the gold leases back. Now how to keep control of all that gold… just make all the gold bearing ground National Parks, and that is what they did.

The first mines I’m going to talk about are at Dayboro, just north of Brisbane. Finding any information about gold mines is hard to do, ask people about the subject, and you get bombarded with questions that clearly show they have no knowledge of what you are asking. Or a kind of weird look comes over them, kind of like they are looking at some sort of strange insect, and they can’t tell if it’s dangerous or not. Here is a Google Earth image of the “Dayboro Talc-Asbestos Prospect”, located on Robertson Road South.

This site can be clearly seen to be an open-cut mine, the erosion lines visible in the image. Several mine sites have been worked on creeks in the area, Rush Creek on the way into Dayboro has one such site.  Another open-cut type mining operation. This site is at the head waters of “rush creek”, and is on private property. Permission is required to venture onto private land, how would you like to walk out your back door, and find someone wandering around in your yard. This           mine site goes by a designation number because it was not named “Unnamed 859929”. Other mines in the area were, “Unnamed 710872” on Laceys Creek, and “Bodalla & Cananea Mines”, on Reedy Creek.

This is an extract from “Gold and Ghosts”, by D.W.De Havelland.  The Wyangy Creek and Perseverance prospects have left few records. The only information I have located for the former is, that on 10 September 1914, a sample of gold-bearing ore was submitted to the Department of Mines from the area shown on the map. In respect to the Perseverance, the only record is derived from Dunstan’s Queensland Mineral Index, which states:- “In quartz reef. Perseverance Mine, Nerum Creek, 6 miles S.W. of Woodford, 40 miles N.N.W. of Brisbane. Co. Stanley (ante). Ref. G.S.M. “The latter abbreviation stands for Queensland Geological Survey Museum. A collection that no longer appears to exist in the same format as when Dunstan compiled his index. Good Luck! That was written in 1995, and I will also wish you good luck in finding out anything about these mines. You will have to travel there yourself, and explore in person.

This map shows the location of Wyangy Creek and Perseverance Prospect.

Two more gold mines remain in this area to be covered, they are located between Woodford and Kilcoy. Both are off The D’aguilar Highway. “Dulcie” gold mine is located on Stoney Creek Road, about 3-3.5km from the highway, on the left side of the road, after crossing Stoney Creek. The mine workings are visible from the road as a raised area with timbers spaced across the rise in squares. Some stone piles are also visible on the diggings.

The mine site is on the brown mark, between the two trees, on the left of the road.

Scrubby Creek Prospect gold mine is a couple of kilometres further along the highway towards Kilcoy, you will pass over Scrubby Creek on the road. The whole area is alluvial ground and may produce a few specks of gold. Don’t forget you need a fossicking licence in Queensland to search for gold.


About ivoradventures

Lives Brisbane north. Age 47. Male. Interests-heaps of stuff. Camping, fishing, and gold panning, keeps me quite busy. I still find time to cook,and spend time family and friends. I truly enjoy my daughters company(Shannon), but don't see enough of her since she moved out. There is a certain type of beauty that exists only in the wild places, and it calls to you. Go and explore! And drag someone with you.
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15 Responses to Gold Mines/ Brisbane North

  1. Here in the US the government is currently turning public lands that have gold claims on them into national parks. Here to it is true that finding information on gold locations is not so easy, even state laws on prospecting are hard to find because there are too many different agentcies involved. But I will not be discouraged I will continue my quest for gold. By the way I sure would love to get to the land down under to find some of that Austrailian gold.

    • Be happy to have you down here. The place I pan at, had a gold strike recently. Three large nuggets, 2 oz, 1.6oz, and .9oz. I’ll have to post some photos of the nuggets soon. Thanks for commenting.

  2. donnybud2 says:

    I enjoyed your coverage of gold prospecting in Australia.
    Gold Panners Association of America and Lost Dutchman Mining Association here in the USA make it a lot easier to pan for gold, since they own a lot of old mines or have mining agreements with claim owners. It cost money to join, so you have to make sure you get enough gold to pay the dues!

    • A prospecting group was talking about doing the same thing here. Forum members were getting carried away, talking about using dozers and excavators, and such. Some members were only interested if it was to the south of Brisbane, others only if the claim was to the north of the city. Luckily the organizations are already in place in the USA, and it sounds like it is reasonably easy to join or get in touch. I can only hope someone can organize a similar setup to your own. Thank for commenting.

      • donnybud2 says:

        “I can only hope someone can organize a similar setup to your own.” Someone? Why not you? I don’t know how acquainted you are with our GPAA, but it was started pretty much by one guy, Buzzard Massie, and carried on by his two sons after he died. Tom Massie has a TV show on the Outdoor Channel here in the states. If it isn’t available down yonder, I think you can view the shows on the net:

        I didn’t watch this to the end, so I don’t know if the complete show is available. This is gear more toward the little guy as a prospector.
        The larger organization, LDMA (Lost Dutchman Mining Assoc.), Has built camping areas for tents and recreational vehicles at many of their claims. From their website…”The Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association represents more than just prospecting. Join us on holiday outings at historic gold mining camps. Enjoy prospecting and mining seminars, demonstrations, field trips, camaraderie and more!”
        Some of the LDMA site have heavy equipment that is employed at their organized digs, as in the one I wrote about at Scott’s Bar. These camps sell deeded memberships where each member’s name is on the deed… much like a Time Share vacation home.
        I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Go for it! Start organizing. Get so like-minded friends together and get it started. There’s a world of fun out there.”
        I’ve heard it rumored that Tom is taking his TV show to Australia sometime this Winter for a segment shot.
        Have fun, may your pan always hold yellow.

  3. Wonderful post however , I was wanting to know
    if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

  4. Goldie says:

    Nice site Ivor, thank you for sharing. Never did see any of you guys out there, lol

  5. Nige Aubrey says:

    Would love to get out panning with you, I’m new to brissy living on the north side and love my prospecting

  6. Donnie says:

    Hi Ivor,
    Great read, I’m currentlcurrently designing a sluice (manual) and have been told that Qld don’t allow sluicing??
    The way I read it is hand tools only which I belbelieve a sluice is otherwise a detector could be classed as not allowed??
    Your thoughts??

    Cheers Donnie

    • Sluices are Ok. High-bankers are not allowed. That’s anything with a powered pump. Water turbidity is something to watch for ( dirty water ).

      The new fossicking areas in QLD have special rules, which you might as well apply to all fossicking in QLD. Only way to cover yourself.

  7. tryhard says:

    you have made my day your site has gave me months of work and ill b able to get my 3 boys out of the house away from the xbox and computers etc and see our lovely land .thanks heaps.

  8. Len says:

    Hi, I live at Deception bay and would like to go panning for gold somewhere, but don’t know this area, anyone got any Idea’s haven’t been panning for years, that was back in NSW. Haven’t even got a pan, anyone know where I can get a pan? Just want to get out of the house and go do a bit of panning, anyone interested?


    • Hi Len.
      I’ve just wrote a post, that will hopefully answer your questions. There are plenty of local blokes who do a bit of panning. Time to get out is the only problem.

    • Donnie says:

      Hi Len
      If you join facebook there are heaps of fossicking groups you can join as well as detector groups etc, good luck!


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