Old Time Gold Miners

It’s not hard to believe that it was tough going for the old miners, you had to walk everywhere, and dig holes by hand, and carry all your possessions with you. With nothing to do,to occupy your time, one may have gone a little bit crazy.  Old time miners playing a game of ping-pong. It’s very hard to find any pictures of old miners, here’s a few I’ve come across.  This guy is working what is called a puddler or a rocker.  I’ve got a hat like him.  I’m pretty sure he is a relation.  That could be me, looks a bit like me, if I squint one eye… no… not me.

That’s the life, digging holes all day, up to your ankles in water, cooking your own meals, sleeping on the ground, fighting off bushrangers,and wild savages and mosquitoes, leeches, ticks, 9 of the top 10 deadliest snakes in the WORLD, crocodiles, goannas, and lets not forget boredom, Yep, that was the life, wouldn’t change places with ’em.


About ivoradventures

Lives Brisbane north. Age 47. Male. Interests-heaps of stuff. Camping, fishing, and gold panning, keeps me quite busy. I still find time to cook,and spend time family and friends. I truly enjoy my daughters company(Shannon), but don't see enough of her since she moved out. There is a certain type of beauty that exists only in the wild places, and it calls to you. Go and explore! And drag someone with you.
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