Golden Pines.

Gold has been found in the headwaters of both branches of the Pine River. To the north at Laceys Creek. In the south at Camp Mountain.

While Camp Mountain got more attention, and a wider spread of mining activity, in an area running from Samford to Kenmore. I’m going to write about the rush to Laceys creek.  This post has been sitting in the “Draft” section of my blog for a few years now. Might as well push it out and get it finished.

Oh, why not…. I’ll give you a few stories from the Pine Rivers area. They are all reported in the newspaper. The publication and dates provided.

” The Courier”  ( Friday 29 June 1888, page 5)

Lacey’s Creek

” After leaving Lacey’s Creek, at a point about a quarter of a mile above Baxter’s selection, the track turns sharp to the right, and goes through a scrub so thick that it seems like a wall on each side. There are several very dangerous watercourses to be crossed, which can not be seen until within a few yards. Passing through this scrub, which is about half a mile in extent, the track comes out upon the side of a spur of the mountains, which is well grassed and not so heavily timbered, and here horses have to be left, as it is impossible to take them any further.

A short walk through the commencement of another scrub, and then down an almost perpendicular bank about 50ft. or 60ft. in height, brings one to the spot, and a wild looking place it is. The “find” is right in the bottom of the creek, with densely timbered walls on each side, rising to a height of about 200ft. on one side and on the other terminating in a mountain peak about 400ft. high. 

There are in all about 100 men on the field, or perhaps more, most of them being selectors from the district, and the rest from Brisbane. They are all pretty well supplied with provisions and blankets, but complain somewhat of the cold at night, as the deep gorge, where the rays of the sun hardly penetrate, is as cold as an icehouse. Claims are pegged out right up the creek, the parties generally being in twelves, and having taken up twelve men’s ground to work on the joint stock principle.”

This was based to an assay report of 2 oz. of gold to the ton and 7dwt.(pennyweights) of silver was the conclusion the assayer arrived at. The hard terrain and difficult ground, finished off the gold rush quickly. Most miners heading home within a week.


Brisbane Courier (Tuesday 27 September 1904, page 3)

Cedar Creek

” A syndicate, named the Mount Samson Gold Mining Syndicate, has been formed to work a property on Upper Cedar Creek, Samford district, being within 20 miles of Brisbane.

Leases are held for about 560 acres of freehold property, 60 acres being the property of Mr. John Guest, and the remaining 500 acres belonging to D. and R.J. Gordon. A practical miner was sent out to prospect the country, and the syndicate has now been formed on the report made by him. Mr. Guest, the owner of the 60 acre lease, is said to have sunk a shaft to a depth of about 25ft. but the reef was supposed to have pinched out.

Work was therefore abandoned. Some 15 tons of stone taken out during sinking is reported to have been sent to Aldershot, and returned 15dwt(pennyweight), 3gr(grains), per ton, while a small parcel gave equal to 7oz(ounce). per ton. It is now supposed that the reef had not pinched out, but had only tilted over. The present holders claim to have traced the lode from Guest’s property a mile and a half through Gordon’s property towards the mountains. It is considered by the syndicate to average about 15 ft. in depth, there being a large blow about the centre. Ex-inspector Stuart and John Gunn spent several days on the property last week, and they have reported that in every instance in which they dollied stone, some gold was obtained. Samples of the stone are now being assayed, but the returns are not at hand yet. “

Brisbane Courier (Saturday 17 October 1931, page 14)


” A company has been projected to take over and work a gold claim on the freehold of Mr. W. McLean, close to the Camp Mountain railway station, on the Dayboro Line, and 13 miles from Brisbane. The company has a capital of $3000(pounds sterling). It is stated that on a spur in the centre of the claim a quartz leader through the conglomerate was found to contain gold values. A shaft was sunk, and at 8ft. level a parcel of ore taken by Mr. McLean, and assayed by the government analyst, showed 2oz. 2dwt. of gold per ton.

Following the leader of the shaft, a cut was made on an underlay and a further parcel of ore taken and submitted to the Queensland Geological Survey. This assayed 5oz. 6dwt. per ton.

The shaft was sunk until the sulphides were leached, then a second shaft was sunk 40ft. from the first in an easterly direction to cut into the sulphides about 20ft. from the underlying shaft. At 50ft. level the foot wall of the sulphides was exposed for 4ft. and found to contain gold values.

Three parcels were then submitted to A. O. Mendelson, B.Sc, A.A.C.I., public analyst, and the following results were obtained:- Lab. No. 1187, 17dwt(pennyweights) to the ton.                                                                               Lab. No. 1188, 1oz. 8dwt. to the ton.                                                                                                   Lab. No. 1189, 15dwt. to the ton.

While a parcel submitted to the Government Analyst shows 13dwt. The quality of the ore has been repeatedly tested and maintained, while the sulphides have been well proven.”


So there is gold everywhere around Brisbane. Look up your nearest public fossicking spot and give it a go, or joint a fossicking group for some company and experience. Thanks for reading.

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Lives Brisbane north. Age 47. Male. Interests-heaps of stuff. Camping, fishing, and gold panning, keeps me quite busy. I still find time to cook,and spend time family and friends. I truly enjoy my daughters company(Shannon), but don't see enough of her since she moved out. There is a certain type of beauty that exists only in the wild places, and it calls to you. Go and explore! And drag someone with you.
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2 Responses to Golden Pines.

  1. Andrew Russo says:

    Good one mate. We used to be all round those creeks as kids. I even got caught in a storm that had the water level rise so fast we were trapped. We couldnt climb out as the walls to the canyon we were in got too slippery and they were near vertical climbs. We clung to the side of the walls all night and at first light we made it out but it wasn’t easy. Wish i knew about the gold though, i was always told it was fools gold so as kids we ignored it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think we ignored a lot of things as kids.


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