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Platypus and gold.

I’ve just returned from a day trip digging gold. Got a few small pieces of gold, but most interesting was the Platypus, that tried to sneak pasted me when I wasn’t watching. The Platypus was having a hard time getting … Continue reading

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Life’s a Beach.

I’ve just had an enjoyable weekend away. Camping beside the beach and just relaxing. I stretched it into a three day weekend, by getting away Friday afternoon. I need time to relax and watch the moon rise and the light … Continue reading

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Crazy Photo’s?

When I loaded these pictures onto the computer, something weird appeared in the photo’s. See if you notice it….. Inside the flower is a shape…. It’s much easier to see in this photo….Tricks of the camera.    

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Muntapa Tunnel.

An abandoned rail tunnel. Dug by hand, over a hundred years ago. The longest single bore tunnel in Australia, passing through The Great Dividing Range, from east to west. Five metres high and four and a half metres wide, 287 … Continue reading

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Late Sunset

Sunday’s sunset. Red sky at night, Sheppard’s delight.

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Morton Bay, smooth as glass.

 Would like to share a couple of photos, of an other wise turbulent bay. On the rare day Morton Bay does put on a fine show. Come and visit.

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Good Morning From Australia

My latest camping trip produced the most spectacular sunrise I’ve seen in a while. I awoke to this on Sunday morning. The Sun trying to burn through. And after a light drizzle of rain, the fog started to lift. How did the rest of … Continue reading

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