Eureka Prospecting, Paydirt.

I’m going to do a product review, on bags of gold bearing dirt, I’ve been buying. Sometimes you just can not get away for a dig, or you just feel like a quick ( guaranteed ) gold fix. These bags of “Paydirt” are perfect. John from Eureka Prospecting is onto a guaranteed winner with this product.

The bags are available in two sizes or grades if you like. There is the “Paydirt”bag and a larger version ( larger, as in more gold content ), “Paydirt Premium”. Both types of bags also contain small gem stones and crystals. Something for everyone.


Contents of a bag of “Paydirt”.

With the release of the new “Paydirt Premium” bags, I was very interested to try them out. I was impressed by the smaller bags, and knew the premium bags, would be considerably better. With only a limited first release on offer, I placed my order, as soon as the sale opened. The whole release was sold out in about five minutes. That should let you know the quality of the product.

The gold and gemstones have been recovered previously, and added to a gravel mix. Each bag has gold and gemstones added, guaranteeing, at least a certain amount of gold return. No unnecessary panning needed. Instruction included in the bag, with a list of the possible gemstones you may find. Too easy.

So what was in the “Paydirt Premium” bag? The photo’s below will tell all.


“Paydirt Premium”.


Little pickers.


Crystals and gemstones.


1.98 grams of gold from a “Paydirt Premium” bag.

I purchased three bags, one each, for two friends and the last for me. The returns from the bags were as follows, bag one 1.56 grams, the second 1.66 grams and mine 1.98 grams. I guess, I got the lucky bag. It was exciting to find the terminated crystals in the dirt, something I did not expect. I’ll have to do some research into the types of gemstones in the bag, to work out what I have, but the large red stone has my interest. I might try to get that cut.

All of Johns contact details and information are listed below. For my overseas readers, message John to arrange an order and shipping. Top quality product, at reasonable prices.



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