Gold Mines/ Brisbane City. Part1

Gold has been reported in the central suburbs of Brisbane, sense the 1860’s. Three young men discovered gold in a waterhole at Bulimba, and proceeded to work the area for two months before word of the discovery got out. Two lots of gold were sent to Sydney to be tested, and were reported to be of quality equal to Bendigo gold.

The location of the diggings is reported to be about a quarter of a mile from the new national school at Bulimba, opposite Breakfast Creek.

 Another gold find was at Pine Hill, in the south-eastern corner of portion 218A, Bulimba, between the suburbs of Cooparoo and Bulimba Creek. The area is known to be quartz veined, in a report to the Department of Mines on 17 November 1937, it was confirmed to be auriferous(gold bearing.) Mr. A Hinchcliffe, who brought the discovery to the attention of the department, informed the inspecting geologist that gold occurs in Pine Creek near Cavendish Road to the south-east of Pine Mountain and suggested that the large siliceous(quartz/chert) outcrop that runs across Pine Mountain may be the source. Sampling of the area did reveal gold, but, it appears nothing further was done. Today the area is covered in housing developments.

During the sinking of a well on a poultry farm, a small quartz vein was found , located on portion 132, Parish of Bulimba, close to the Meadowlands Road, and between the road and Bulimba (Doughboy) Creek. Samples revealed 4.49 grams of gold per tonne of ore. The well was 13.3 metres deep, with the quartz reef beginning at 10 metres depth and being 2.5 centimetres thick(one inch) continuing to the bottom and thickening to 10 centimetres( four inches). It appears due to a lack of payable ore nothing further was done about this property.


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Lives Brisbane north. Age 47. Male. Interests-heaps of stuff. Camping, fishing, and gold panning, keeps me quite busy. I still find time to cook,and spend time family and friends. I truly enjoy my daughters company(Shannon), but don't see enough of her since she moved out. There is a certain type of beauty that exists only in the wild places, and it calls to you. Go and explore! And drag someone with you.
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2 Responses to Gold Mines/ Brisbane City. Part1

  1. Pam Taylor says:

    Hi…..Does anyone have any maps or information about gold mines at Camp Mountain, Samford please

    • Pam… the Redcliffe Library, has a copy of “Gold and Ghosts” which will have the information you want. Maybe some of the other libraries will also have a copy. Hunting for the information is half the fun. Also look into Queensland mining journals.( Department of Mines). Happy hunting.
      You may even uncover the train disaster from Camp Mountain.

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